Our vision is for people with disability to lead a life of their choice. Together, we can change lives.

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Help with NDIS invaluable

1 December 2017

Luci Achilles thinks of Kurrajong as family. For the past 11 years Luci has drawn on the support of Kurrajong staff, starting when, as a baby, her son Charlie was referred to Kurrajong Early Intervention Service (KEIS) as it was then known.

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30th Annual Kurrajong Race Day - 26th May - Get Your Tickets

27 April 2018

Join us at the 30th Annaul Kurrajong Race Day, Murrumbidgee Turf Club, Saturday 26th May

Get your tickets today from Hunters 1866, Kincaid St Cafe & Takeaway, Fitzpatricks Real Estate and Kurrajong.

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Yearly NDIS Plan Reviews Commencing Now

15 April 2018

How to prepare and what to expect at your yearly NDIS Plan Review

Each year the NDIA will review your NDIS plan and progress you have made towards your goals, after which you will receive a new plan. To get the best outcome from your planning meeting there’s quite a bit of pre-planning involved - Kurrajong is here to assist with all the preparation and requirements will help you with the process.

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