Why volunteer with Kurrajong?

We’re always looking to get more volunteers involved at Kurrajong. Learn how you can give back to your local community.

Our volunteers find working with Kurrajong immensely rewarding. It’s a great way to connect with locals, meet interesting people, and be part of something great. You may even pick up some new skills by volunteering with us. You don’t need any particular experience or qualifications to become a Kurrajong volunteer – we’ll offer training as needed.

What we look for in our volunteers

Kurrajong volunteers are typically friendly Riverina Murray region locals who want to lend a helping hand while meeting new people.

While we welcome generous support from a range of people, we particularly look for volunteers with these qualities:

  • Confidence in interacting with people with disability, including taking note of non-verbal communication cues.
  • Good listening skills.
  • General friendliness.
  • Ability to speak in small groups.
  • Respect towards people’s confidentiality.
  • Ability to correctly report any concerns or disclosures.
  • Flexibility to fit in with service routines and activities.

At the moment, we’re particularly looking out for people with farming interests or skills as we work to expand our Hildasid Farm.

Apply to be a volunteer

Looking to make a real difference in your community and want to find out more? We would love to hear from you.


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