Recycling services for

To safely operate our busy industrial site, access is only available to the following:

  • Businesses for cardboard and approved materials drop-off
  • Businesses and community for paper drop-off (non-shredded) for secure document destruction
  • Groups undertaking guided site tours and recycling workshops

You can take your household recycling and e-waste to Gregadoo Waste Management Centre for recycling at no cost.

What goes in your recycling bin?

Household packaging and containers that are empty, rinsed and drained. Remember, ‘when in doubt throw it out’ – into the red-lid bin

  • Rigid plastic containers
    (Numbers 1 – 6)
  • Steel cans
    (including aerosols)
  • Aluminium cans, trays and foil
  • Paper (Not shredded)
  • Cardboards
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • NO plastic bags or wrap
  • NO polystyrene
  • NO crockery or glassware
  • NO electrical appliances
  • NO clothing or linen
  • NO light bulbs or batteries
  • NO food or garden waste
  • NO nappies
  • NO items tied up in plastic bags

Where does your recycling go?

We process your recycling and sell the recycled materials to Australian and international buyers.

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