One Kurrajong, Six Service Brands.

At Kurrajong, we split our organisation into six ‘Service Brands’. Each service brand specialises in one area of support or service. Each of our Service Brands are experts in their field, and you can be sure that the people working with you know their stuff!

Kurrajong First Contact

Our Kurrajong First Contact staff are NDIS experts. They have a thorough understanding of the scheme and are kept up-to-date with any changes made to the NDIS over time.

Our First Contact Staff are located across the Riverina and Murray regions and can work one-on-one to help you to understand and implement your NDIS plans.

Kurrajong Lifestyle Choices

At Kurrajong Lifestyle Choices, we can assist you in developing the skills you need to work towards your goals, increase your independence, and participate as an active member of the community.

Lifestyle Choices activities cover recreation, leisure, personal development and the pursuit of personal interests, community participation and group involvement, volunteering, art, and building independent lifestyle skills.

Kurrajong Supported Living

Kurrajong Supported Living provides accommodation and support services for children, adolescents and adults with disability.

Types of accommodation include group homes within the community, assistance for people living at home, and short-term accommodation to provide a break for families and carers.

Kurrajong Supported Living also promotes the health and wellbeing of clients through programs aimed at developing social and personal skills, household living skills and community engagement.

Kurrajong Therapy Plus

Kurrajong Therapy Plus supports children, young people and adults with disability and/or complex developmental delays. We are a unique, multidisciplinary team of speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, educators and family support workers.

Kurrajong Therapy Plus is a one-stop shop for supporting people and their families/carers to assist with learning, development, inclusive community access, specific therapeutic support and prescription of specialised equipment for all people with disability.

Kurrajong Employment Preparation

Our Employment Preparation team are ready to set you up for employment success!

Employment Preparation and School Leaver Employment Services are NDIS supports which help you to develop job skills and gain independence and confidence.

Kurrajong Commercial Enterprises

We own and operate a number of Commercial Enterprise businesses that provide supported employment to adults with disability.

Our Commercial Enterprise businesses are located throughout the Riverina and Murray regions and help employees learn and develop life-long skills across a range of areas, including retail, hospitality and commercial services. You can view the full list of our businesses here.

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