Provide feedback or make a complaint

Your feedback and complaints are important to us. They help us to improve the way we do things. We send all feedback and complaints directly to our Quality and Risk team and treat any information you include confidentially.


We handle any complaints and disputes in line with our Complaint Management Policy (PDF).


If you’re not sure whether what you want to get in contact with us about is a feedback or a complaint, check out the FAQ’s at the bottom of this page.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I submit through the feedback or complaint form?

    Please submit all positive feedback as feedback rather than a complaint. All minor critiques can also be submitted as feedback.

    For anything serious regarding a specific incident, please submit a complaint through the complaint form.

  • Can my feedback or complaint be anonymous?

    Yes. Although this may make it difficult for us to investigate any complaints as we can’t get more information from you.

  • Will Kurrajong treat me differently if I make a complaint?

    No. Every individual has the right to make a complaint. We use your feedback and complaints to improve our service and will deal with the matter professionally.

  • Do you have a Complaints Policy?

    Yes. You can read it here and find out more about our policies on our Policies and Publications page.

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