Travel Training Triumph!

Navigating Independence, One Bus Ride at a Time! 🚌

Our Youth Employment Assistance (YEA) group has been diligently mastering bus routes, timetables, and the ins and outs of catching the bus. On Thursday, June 20th, they put their skills to the test with some practical travel training. 🚍

The day was filled with learning and fun as they caught the bus into town, explored various shops, and discussed potential work opportunities they might be interested in. They also enjoyed a delightful lunch together, sharing their experiences and aspirations.

After their town adventure, they took the bus back to Employment Preparation, confidently applying their new travel skills. Learning to navigate public transport is essential for gaining employment, as it provides independence, opens up more opportunities, and ensures they can commute without relying on others.

The participants had an incredible day, filled with new experiences and camaraderie. We’re excited to see their continued progress and look forward to more travel training adventures in the future! 🌟