Kurrajong Wagga School Leavers Tour

We held a Kurrajong tour on Wednesday 6th of September, for school leavers and their support networks to look at the fantastic options Kurrajong has to offer post school. This tour of Kurrajong’s facilities was previously ran with success in the past but due to Covid, we have not been able to host it in the past 3 years.

The guests arrived at Employment Preparation and jumped on the comfortable Kurrajong 12 seater bus for their first stop at Hildasid Farm and Lifestyle Choices. Caz Eckersall gave the guests an overview of the programs that operate with Lifestyle Choices and then they had a chance to view the sensory garden and a quick sneak peak of the little farm animals.

Next stop was Kurrajong Timber. Brenda Oldfield and Michael Merrylees walked us through the sheds of Timber and got to see the workers and machines in action. The guests were impressed with the teamwork shown throughout the sheds.
Back on the bus for a quick stop at Lord Baden Powell Drive headquarters. We chatted about Kurrajong Catering, Maintence and the admin team and all the wonderful work that is done around the complex. Cannon Banks talked to the group about Supported Independent Living and the different living options available at Kurrajong. This got the attention of a few students whose goal it is to eventually move out of home.

Kurrajong Recycling was next, with Brett Randall and Doug Brambley giving the group an inside look of the operations of the different sections within Recycling. The school students were asking some great questions and were great listeners as well.

The tours last stop was back at Employment Preparation, where Victoria Mack and the team at Therapy Plus gave the guests information on what fantastic services are available from our Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists and our Educators. Norm Corcoran gave the guests an oversight of what First Contact offers and all the behind the scenes hard work the team does when introducing new participant into our services.

Daniel Scott wrapped proceedings up with a talk and look around the facilities of Employment Preparation and information regarding the SLES program.

Guests were treated with a catered Lunch from Kurrajong Catering and a chance to talk with some of managers and team leaders. Thanks to everyone involved for making the tour a success and hopefully we can make it bigger and better next year!