Mamma Mia!

Kurrajong clients in Mamma Mia

Kurrajong clients in Mamma Mia

Wasn’t Mamma Mia 2022 presented by our Kurrajong clients and excellent example of skills and showmanship that endeared everyone?

On 20th and 21st May 2022, our clients presented the performance, Mamma Mia, at the CRC Theatre in Narrandera, and Kurrajong is proud to say it was a hit with everyone.

The music, the lights, the drama and the dancing, not just by the clients but by the audience, was a spectacular sight. The performers didn’t miss a beat, and neither did our audience. Everyone enjoyed themselves with big smiles stretching from ear to ear.

As the attendees entered, they were warmly welcomed by Kurrajong clients with pleasant smiles, and the Mamma Mia photo booth was also a success amongst everyone attending.

25 clients and 5 Kurrajong staff performed on stage with 10 stage crew people for props, costumes, lighting, and sound. In total, 40 Kurrajong people were involved in the production of Mamma Mia.

When asked about the performance Kurrajong Outreach Services Manager Deanne Bolesta said, “Performers were amazing on the night and kept the audience engaged the entire show.”

Our performers are already excited about their next event. We hope you are too!