Will’s Employment Adventure: Triumph at Bunnings and Beyond!

Elevate your career journey with Kurrajong Employment Preparation.

From resume reboot to landing a coveted role at Bunnings, Will’s story is a testament to resilience, hard work, and the unwavering support of the Kurrajong team.

Will start getting support from Griffith Employment Preparation in late 2021. Will wanted support in looking for employment that would supplement his already-established part-time job.

Unfortunately, because of COVID, Will had lost several hours and wanted to look for other opportunities. With the support of Kurrajong Employment Preparation staff, Will updated his resume and started looking for work. He then started a work experience at Griffith Bunning’s, one day a week. Will was on the front foot from the get-go and showed everyone what he could do. He is always willing to listen and take on board new information and is ready to learn a new task.

After a few months of work experience, management approached Will and encouraged him to put in his resume for an upcoming vacant position. Will handed it in and was interviewed for the job. Only this week was Will offered a casual position at Bunning’s and is now a paid employee! Will is a very hard worker and testament that hard work pays off. We are very proud of your efforts and know that Bunning’s has a new, valuable part of their team!

“Employment Preparation Griffith has helped me with everything really, from setting up the work experience at Bunnings then assisting with the online application, and sitting in the interviews with me. I know in the future they will be for me if I need them especially with all the training that I will be doing in the future”