Turning Work into Fun: Join Johnathan’s Journey at Kurrajong Recycling!

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“I love getting a round work every day, seeing my workmates.”

For Johnathan, coming to work every day at Kurrajong Recycling is about more than simply earning a wage. It’s about having fun, having a laugh with mates, and feeling like he is contributing to his community.

Johnathan has been part of the Kurrajong Recycling team for more than 11 years. In that time, he has worked in just about every aspect of the enterprise, but most recently he has been part of the container recycling team. It’s where he’s spent most of his time, and while the work can be challenging, it is a challenge he loves. He especially loves it on the days when the weather is warm, and there’s a bit of friendly banter happening among the team.

With a cheeky personality and a quick smile, Johnathan loves the camaraderie, and loves to share a joke or two with his colleagues. When he’s not busy at work, you can usually find Johnathan hanging out with his mates. He enjoys going out and having a good time, and is also a big fan of fishing and camping.