Therapy Plus visits a highlight of the week

Hawa thriving at Kurrajong Therapy Plus

Hawa Abdallah has been visiting Kurrajong Therapy Plus for over four years. Mum Carmel had this to say about her time at Kurrajong.

“Hawa has been attending Kurrajong since she was about nine months old, a little while after we had the joy of adopting her into our family.

She is now five years old and is at Kurrajong twice a week, where she goes to speech therapy or occupational therapy (on alternate weeks), as well as being part of the weekly transition to school program. She also attends for the occasional physio session, though her mobility is no longer an issue now that she is one of the world’s most agile climbers and escape artists!

Hawa loves going to Kurrajong, she is well known to many of the staff and makes herself very much at home whenever she gets there. She is extremely social and, despite being largely non-verbal, has no trouble communicating with staff, who all make a genuine effort to interact with her.

Hawa is an avid Wiggles and Emma Memma fan, and loves reading, puzzle making, music and dance. Her therapists incorporate these interests into her sessions to try and make the challenge of learning new skills as appealing as possible. Despite Hawa’s frequent resistance to proposed tasks she is always treated with respect, patience and understanding. Small wonder she finds her Kurrajong visits such a highlight in her week!”

Hawa Abdallah playing with bubbles at Kurrajong Therapy Plus.