The Kurrajong Drama Production was a huge success!!!

The performers put 100% effort into both shows. The performers remembered all the choreography and were spot-on with cues and movements on the stage.

The audience was electrifying- up dancing, cheering, laughing at some funny antics, including the librarian who was constantly telling the students to be quiet in the library or making them stand further apart when dancing and even kicking them out of the dance when they spiked the punch! There were many nerves initially; however, after the first scene, these subsided, and it was a performance many would never forget! Everyone got so involved with the story ‘When Juliet Met Johnny’ and performed their characters flawlessly.

The crowds were huge, with additional seating required for the Saturday performance. The community response was incredible, with over 750 people attending the performance. Community members stopped our performers down the street and in the supermarket to tell them what a fantastic show they had performed for everyone. It was an event that will be remembered for years to come!

The atmosphere was set from outside the Theatre, where we had three hot rod cars out front from the 60s, and our rock n roll dancers in costumes that entertained the crowd in between scenes were a hit! The atmosphere was terrific, and the Theatre was rocking!

Many hours of planning and preparation go into the performances behind the scenes. The performers have around six months of rehearsals and practices, costume fittings and voice recording. The fantastic drama production staff put endless hours into this performance behind the scenes. We cannot thank them enough. 

Following the Friday night performance, Kurrajong had several requests from local community, school and business groups to ask if the drama performance group would perform at local community activities in the next few months! Such positive and inclusive engagement from everyone who attended! Stay tuned for updates on what this talented group of performers will showcase in the future!

Thank you to the entire community who supported our outstanding performers and Kurrajong!