Strikes at Work, Strikes on the Lanes!

Meet Peter – Our Timber Maestro and National Bowling Champ at Kurrajong.


There are a few things Peter Smith is passionate about – ten-pin bowling, crosswords, wordfinds, and his job at Kurrajong Timber in Wagga.

Peter has been part of the Timber family since 1986, taking on several organisational roles.

His most recent role has been stacking timber, which he has enjoyed the most – every day, he takes great pride in lining up and counting the pieces of timber that come through the plant.

His passion for order and ensuring everything is in place can also be found in his interest in crosswords and word finds – he meticulously completes them daily.

However, ten-pin bowling has his heart, and his experience and dedication have paid off – he is a national champion bowler, having competed in many tournaments over the years.

Undoubtedly, this is one Kurrajong supported worker with a very full and rich life.