Putting in 100% earns Jason top award

Timber employee Jason Burt proud to be this year’s John Reid Memorial Award recipient

The pride on the face of Jason Burt when he talks about his work at Kurrajong Timber is obvious.

Jason loves coming to work, he loves helping his workmates, and he loves making sure clients are looked after.

It was this commitment to helping everyone and giving everything a go that earned Jason the prestigious John Reid Memorial Award.

Presented at Kurrajong’s recent Annual General Meeting in Wagga, the award recognizes an employee who goes above and beyond and who always puts in 100 per cent.

Receiving the award was a big surprise for Jason, who says he had no idea he was going to be presented with anything when he attended the AGM with his mother.

The smile on his face when his name was called out shows how much receiving the award means.

“I was very proud”.

Jason has been a familiar face at Kurrajong Timber for many years – this is his second stint working there, following a period when his family moved to Tumut.

Most days are spent cutting and strapping timber, both jobs he loves, and he also enjoys helping bring products to clients when they arrive to pick them up.

“I like all the jobs.”

When he’s not at work you can often find him in his prized vegetable garden – he is currently growing tomatoes, corn, and pumpkin, and is happy with how everything is coming along.

“If it doesn’t rain, I’ll water them.”

He also loves spending time with his dog Trixie, a fox terrier and the two often go for walks around the park near the house Jason lives in with his mum.

And while gardening and looking after Trixie keep him busy, he says he always has time to do his best at work, and has no plans to leave the Timber team.

“It’s a lot of fun.”

Kurrajong Timer employee Jason Burt standing at a timber saw.