National Dachshund Day 🐾

Dachshund Delights: Where Dreams and Tails Wag Together!

🐾 Last Friday was National Dachshund Day, and we celebrated in style at Leeton Lifestyle Choices! 🐾

Inspired by our wonderful Kurrajong client Tracey, who adores Dachshunds, Leeton Lifestyle Choices hosted a day full of fun and laughter. The event featured a fabulous fashion parade, exciting races, and even a surprise wedding! 😂🎉

Leeton, Narrandera, and Griffith Kurrajong joined the festivities, making it a memorable day for everyone. Our clients had an absolute blast, and Tracey’s dream of Dachshund Day became a reality.

The festivities kicked off with a vibrant fashion parade where our adorable dachshunds strutted their stuff in creative and colorful outfits, much to the delight of the crowd. Following the parade, the excitement continued with a series of thrilling dachshund races that had everyone cheering and laughing. The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the surprise wedding, which added an extra layer of joy and humour to the celebrations.

We don’t miss out on anything when it comes to having fun and celebrating the things we love! Thank you to everyone who participated and made this day special. Your enthusiasm and involvement truly brought Tracey’s dream to life and made National Dachshund Day at Leeton Lifestyle Choices an unforgettable experience for all.