Local story from Griffith

Kurrajong Griffith client Robert came to Kurrajong for Support Coordination in May 2021.

In his initial meeting, Robert kept his hoodie on, headphones in and communicated with a nod or thumbs up. Since being with Kurrajong, this has changed completely.

Now he attends SLES (School Leavers Employment Support), band jam, cooking with a support worker, and volunteers every Tuesday at Altina Wildlife Park. 🐵

Robert has certainly come out of his shell as he has been seen participating in many activities. He also has been enjoying his time preparing food and feeding the animals. One day a week, he also cooks a meal for his family that includes, recipe finding, budgeting for ingredients, cooking and cleaning the kitchen afterwards.

Now Robert communicates with everyone around him and has built a great rapport with people. He has grown amazingly since commencing with Kurrajong. It is a privilege to be able to see him thrive. 🎉