Kurrajong Recycling: Turning Waste into Wins! Cheers to Matt’s Silver Triumph at the Australian Deaf Games!

Congratulations, Matt!

Just last week, Matt, our senior supervisor at Kurrajong Recycling, participated in the Australian Deaf Games in Newcastle, showcasing his skills in beach volleyball, discus, and shot put. In a fantastic achievement, he secured a silver medal in beach volleyball.

We had the pleasure of asking Matt a few questions to delve deeper into his story. Check out our interview to get to know Matt better!


What sparked your love for beach volleyball and the journey to becoming Australia’s Champion? How many years have you been playing for?

I have played open/mainstream indoor volleyball for about 20 years and beach volleyball for about eight years. My love for volleyball came around as a teenager, watching my mum play until I joined her team. I attended my 1st Australian Deaf games in Adelaide in 2016.


Are there any standout moments from your beach volleyball career that you’d love to share?

I have won a few A-grade grand finals in the Wagga Comp and a few interstate competitions with the Wagga side, but my standout moment would have to be winning the Gold medal at the Australian Deaf Games in Albury in 2018. This also leads to their being selected for the Australian team. However, all the international competitions and tournaments were cancelled due to Covid.


What do you think has shaped your sports journey, and what are your tips for excelling in sports?

I believe my passion for sports and all codes and types of sports have shaped my journey and my over-the-top competitiveness. Regarding sports, being coachable is one of the biggest tips to help anyone excel in sports.


Are there any quirky pre-game rituals? Maybe a plate of spag bol the night before your big competitions?

There are no quirky pre-game rituals; I believe that good pre-game warm-ups and pre-game talk get you mentally and physically ready. I’m more of a chilli linguine guy over a spag bol for a pre-game carb loading.


And, of course, any other fun hobbies you enjoy?

I enjoy anything outdoors, from chasing the kids to all their sporting commitments, packing up the wife, kids, dog, and caravan, and adventuring around with the kayaks and fishing rods.