International Womens Day

Celebrating International Women’s day with Lifestyle Choices Hildasid

On Wednesday the 8th March our Lifestyle choices group celebrated International Women’s Day.

To prepare for the day, the Lifestyle Choices art room staff and participants discussed who inspired them and how they inspired them and then branched out and did a poll of Lifestyle Choices clients and staff.

The poll found that the women who inspired them included:

Olivia Newton John, Cathy Freeman, Mahala Jackson, wives, god mothers, girlfriends, Greta Thunberg, Julie Bishop, Grandma, Lucy Good, Turia Pitt, Queen Elizabeth II, Sr Anne O’Shaughnessy, Mother Mary, Michelle Obama, Lady Diana, Mother Teresa, Sisters, Julia Gillard, Helen Reddy, Casey Donovan, SR Annie, Pink, Mums and Aunties.

Words to describe women who inspired included: loyal, funny charismatic, beautiful, courageous, helpful, kind, determined, gracious, fighter, persistent, encouraging, strong, brave, bold, role model, gorgeous, wonderful, amazing, down to earth, and happy.

The Lifestyle Choices Wagga Rock group also discussed what project they could work on and came up with the idea of painting some empowerment rocks and handed them out on the day.

As a part of this project, research was completed and they found out that International Women’s Day is a global occasion, celebrating the cultural, political and socioeconomic achievements of women and is represented by the three colours: purple, green and white.

The research found that the theme for International Women’s Day 2023 is – Innovation for a gender and equal future.

The group then hand painted posters to hang up in the art room presenting the women’s names and relationships of women who are inspirational in people’s lives and the words of expression to say how they inspire. Rocks have been painted with the gender symbol and posters and rocks are presented in the themed colours.