Group home offers independence, friendship, and plenty of fun

Best mates living their best lives in Narrandera

Housemates Jason, Tim, and Luke reckon they have the best house in Narrandera.

Their spacious, spotlessly clean, and beautifully equipped home is pretty new – only a few years old, and the three best friends love living there.

The trio live in one of Kurrajong’s Supported Living group homes and are not only rightfully proud of their home and love showing it off to visitors, but reckon moving in has been one of the best things they’ve done.

Whether it’s playing pool, watching tv, having impromptu dance parties, or chilling out with Fred their pet bird, there’s plenty to keep the group busy, and that’s just how they like it. That’s also not even counting the many activities they are involved in through the various Kurrajong services available in Narrandera, Leeton, and Griffith.

For Tim, one of the standouts about living in the group home has been making such strong friendships with Jason and Luke, while for Jason, he says “I just love everything.”

There are plenty of laughs at the home, which is beautifully set out with two living areas, five bedrooms, a sunroom/activity space, and a shaded but picturesque yard.

The trio enjoy a huge range of activities from drama, visiting the Man Shed, taking guitar lessons (for Tim), netball, Friday nights with friends (a definite favourite for all three), and cooking sessions. For Luke, cooking is a favourite – he loves to make cupcakes and is very proud of a fancy chopping board that makes cutting, peeling, and grating much easier.

Kurrajong Outreach Services manager Deanna Bolesta said one of the best parts about the group homes was the independence it allowed clients living there.

For Jason, Tim, and Luke, that means doing everything from cooking their meals, to cleaning the house. The only things they don’t do are mowing the lawns (although Luke reckons he’d like to give it a go), and general maintenance – that’s taken care of by an outside team.

Support workers are on hand whenever the trio are at home, to provide any help needed, but for Jason, Tim, and Luke, it’s another chance for a laugh, some fun, and to keep the party going.

Kurrajong Supported Living has group homes across the Riverina Murray Region. Each group home supports between two and five people and is staffed with a Kurrajong Support Worker. Most houses have a Support Worker sleep over each night so they can provide support during the night if needed.

Clients can choose to receive support with day-to-day tasks including cooking, cleaning, shopping, personal safety, medication, social skills, money management, leisure activities, community and personal appointments, community access, and vocational and employment support.

Housemates Jason, Tim, and Luke have fun in the kitchen of their home.