From recycling roots to senior supervisor, Craig thrives on teamwork, growth, and fun!

Meet Craig Lees – Senior supervisor timber

Craig Lees loves coming to work every day. Craig, the senior supervisor at Kurrajong Timber, joined the Kurrajong team in August last year, initially at Kurrajong Recycling, before moving into the position at Timber in Wagga.

Manufacturing is clearly in his blood – his previous role, which he held for 38 years, was also in production and manufacturing as production manager for a local company.

While he enjoyed his former role, it was time for a change, and when the Kurrajong opportunity came up, he jumped at the chance, he said. “I needed a change; I was in the same job for a very long time.” And it was just the jolt he needed. “I love everything about coming to work every day.”

It is the staff that Craig loves most about his role.

“They are all characters in their special way.”

In Craig’s spare time, he likes to relax by watching the NRL and motorsports, going for rides on his Indian motorcycle, and spending as much time with his family. Craig is a Poppy to three grandchildren and thinks that is the best thing in the world.

“I thoroughly enjoy it here at Timber. Just watching the growth of the team and the satisfaction on their faces when they achieve their goals is so rewarding. They all give it their best, and we all have a great time and a bit of fun along the way.”