🚦 Meet Sarah: A Success Story! 🚦

From Coast to Griffith: Sarah’s Inspiring Journey to Success!

Eighteen months ago, Sarah made a big move from the coast to Griffith, bringing with her a determination to find new opportunities and build a bright future. She joined Kurrajong Employment Preparation, where she received the guidance and support needed to navigate this new chapter in her life.

Sarah’s journey with us has been nothing short of inspiring. With our support, she applied for a position with Transport NSW as a Crossing Supervisor. Starting off as a casual employee in February, Sarah’s dedication, hard work, and commitment to her role quickly became evident.

Her perseverance paid off! Sarah has now secured a part-time position, working five days a week. This transition marks a significant milestone in her career and personal growth.

We are thrilled to see Sarah thriving in her new challenge. She continues to set and achieve her goals, embodying the spirit of determination and resilience. Sarah’s story is a testament to the power of hard work and the support systems that help individuals reach their full potential.

Sarah, we are incredibly proud of your journey and all that you have accomplished! 🌟👏

Thank you for being a part of our community and celebrating the achievements of individuals like Sarah, who show us that with support and determination, anything is possible.