Director wants to “pay it forward”

Meet new Kurrajong director Ben Smith

For mining engineer Ben Smith, giving back to a community that has given so much to his family, is what has driven him to join the Kurrajong Board of Directors.

Ben’s family has been involved with Kurrajong since before he was born, and he is relishing the chance to “pay it forward” by now becoming more formally involved.

“For every individual and family of someone with a disability, it is a lifelong journey. They have an emotional and personal interest in seeing their loved ones cared for and provided with support and protection when they’re often vulnerable and reliant on others’ care.

“For the staff…it is not a simply a job, but for many a vocation or lifestyle… Many staff commit their heart into their work, not just their time and effort.”

The Wagga Wagga local is father to “three amazing children” and while he has had the benefit of living and working overseas over the past 30 years, he is pleased to be back home in Wagga amongst family and friends.

Spending time with his children and family is one of his greatest joys when he’s not working, and he also enjoys flying, photography, travel, and solving problems.