Crafting Magic with Maddie and Emma at Sew it Saturday!

Guess what exciting things went down at Sew it Saturday in Leeton Kurrajong?


Our awesome Griffith Clients, Maddie and Emma, brought their A-game under the guidance of the fantastic Carolyn Lehman and our incredible support staff.

Emma, our newest crafting sensation, decided to dive into the world of cushions! We can hardly wait to see the finished product—it’s sure to be a showstopper!

And then there’s our creative genius, Maddie, who’s been weaving her magic on a “Home Sweet Home” wall hanging. It’s almost done, and let me tell you, it’s looking absolutely fabulous.

Sew it Saturday wasn’t just about crafting; it was a blast of creativity and good vibes. Maddie and Emma, you’re turning our craft corner into a masterpiece! Stay tuned, folks, because we’re eagerly counting down to the big reveals. Can’t wait to share the joy and creativity with all of you!