Congratulations Nicholas on 45 years and Stephen on 35 years!

Kurrajong supported employee Nicholas Fletcher celebrated his 45 years on the 7th of March 2022. Nicholas works at Kurrajong Timber as a machine operator where he straps and tags all outgoing product.

During his time at Kurrajong he has done the following roles, screen printing, dock timber for the pallets, lacquer oars, made trophies and many more.

“I have been through many changes at Kurrajong Timber over the years and worn out seven managers.” Nicholas enjoys working at Kurrajong because it is something to do and he gets to socialise with his workmates.

Kurrajong supported employee Stephen Gould also celebrated his 35 years on the 12th of March. Stephen works as an assistant supervisor and runs the kindling operation.

During his time at Kurrajong Timber Stephen has seen many changes in the business such as making breadboxes, wool combing – redoing brushes, screen printing, making trophies and timber products where Stephen learnt to use all the machines.

The reason Stephen likes working at Kurrajong is because he enjoys working with his mates, meeting new people and customers and “overall I like working it is better than staying home.”

(Pictured is Nicholas Fletcher, Kurrajong CEO Ray Carroll and Stephen Gould)