Art for Action: Kurrajong’s Epilepsy Awareness Day Strikes a Purple Pose!

Raising awareness for Epilepsy!

Raising awareness for Epilepsy! 🌟

Elizabeth coordinated and hosted an enlightening Epilepsy Awareness Day at Intereach in Deniliquin on March 26th, 2024. She courageously shared her personal journey with Epilepsy, highlighting its profound impact on her life and family. 💜

The artworks featured here are from Kurrajong’s Studio 2710 art program. Each piece was created by artists living with Epilepsy, using the theme of purple to depict their experiences during a seizure. These paintings were available for purchase, with all proceeds dedicated to supporting Epilepsy Action Australia.

Here are some eye-opening facts about Epilepsy:
💜 800,000 Australians will develop Epilepsy in their lifetime
💜 The cause of Epilepsy remains unknown for up to 60% of individuals
💜 Globally, approximately 65 million people live with Epilepsy
💜 30% of epilepsy cases do not respond to medication
💜 Currently, around 250,000 children, young adults, and adults are living with Epilepsy.