Meet Patrick Dawson, the new Chairperson of Kurrajong

Patrick, the Principal Lawyer of Patrick Dawson Law in Narrandera and Leeton, boasts an impressive career with over a decade of legal experience. His colleagues often commend him for his collaborative approach to resolving disputes and achieving results. Stepping away from traditional practice models, Patrick approaches his work with a modern twist with communication and the human connection at the forefront.

Patrick’s decision to become involved with Kurrajong is rooted in his alignment with the organisation’s core values and he sees it as a great opportunity to support the local community.

When asked about something he wishes more people knew about the Disability sector, Patrick says, “All people, regardless of any disability deserve to be heard, seen, and believed. I wish more people had a greater awareness about the disability sector, and the importance of self-determination and equal opportunities.”

Patrick recognises that challenges, though demanding, are the crucibles that forge character and drive us forward. “When faced with challenges, it is often personal growth and learning that inspires me to continue. Without challenges, our lives can become monotonous.”

CEO Ray Carroll says “ We are very lucky to have a young dynamic leader such Patrick as the Chairperson of Kurrajong. Patrick will continue to espouse the virtues and values of Kurrajong to ensure that people with disabilities and their families receive the services they choose to enhance their quality of life.”

In his leisure time, he enjoys reading, socialising with friends, good food and wine and regularly attends the gym. Additionally, he enjoys spending quality time with his nieces and nephews and admits to getting hooked on a good TV series.