Creating a space for connection with community and nature

Creating a space for connection with community and nature

Hildasid Farm is a Kurrajong initiative for the entire community situated on the outskirts of Wagga. Our vision for this 268 acre tranquil property is to create a rustic, authentic place where people of all backgrounds, cultures, interests and abilities can come together to connect and immerse themselves in nature. While Hildasid isn’t quite at the stage where it is able to open to the public, the support of our community will ensure that we are able to open this beautiful space in the near future.

With the magnificent array of trees already enhancing the beauty at Hildasid Farm and our sensory garden and community green areas looking amazing, we are moving into the construction phase and hope to see various sheds, shelters, huts and utilities built and being in operation in the very near future.

As part of our goal to continue the rustic and authentic ambiance of the farm, we are looking for a quantity of older corrugated iron – sheet sizes preferably, as we have limited use for short offcuts at this stage.

Are you pulling down an old farm shed, re-roofing a house in the older part of Wagga or district? If so we’d love to chat with you. Your support will help us provide a safe, accessible space for Kurrajong clients with disability, along with our wider community to gather, interact and enjoy the outdoors.

Cathie Smith our Kurrajong Community Engagement Manager is available on 0438 219 487 or
Cathie is also the person to speak to about how you can become involved with Hildasid Farm as a financial supporter or volunteer. We’d also love to chat with anyone who could offer labour within this phase of Hildasid’s development.

After a disruptive period due to COVID-19 impacting Kurrajong’s fundraising and events as well as restricting our ability to take on volunteers, we are keen to make huge strides in 2022 and continue with our plan to be able to welcome the community to Hildasid in the later part of 2022.