Early childhood intervention

Kurrajong Therapy Plus provides early childhood intervention services for children with disability or experiencing developmental delays.

We employ educators, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, family support workers and a psychologist. We work with each child and their family to deliver a service that suits their needs.

Early intervention services can be delivered to children from birth until they start school, and can continue to help with therapy once they start school.

Families, medical professionals and early childhood service providers can refer children to Kurrajong Therapy Plus.

How do we help children and their families?

  1. We believe that a child’s most important teachers are their parents and carers. Our staff will share their knowledge so families can support their child’s development in everyday situations.
  2. Kurrajong Therapy Plus will provide each family with a key worker who will be the main point of contact and make sure that we are providing a coordinated service.
  3. Families will work with their key worker to develop goals for their child’s development that are based on the family’s priorities. This is called an Individual family service plan.
  4. We work individually with families and children to support their development.
  5. Kurrajong Therapy Plus runs a variety of group programs for families, which provide information and strategies. Group programs for children and their families allow children to develop their skills in social settings.
  6. Kurrajong Therapy Plus will provide families with information on other services in their area that could help them.
  7. We work closely with families and other early childhood services to help children to be included in a meaningful way.

These services are funded under the following National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) categories:

Early childhood intervention is delivered by: