Day services

The focus of our day services is to provide valued, practical activities where you can develop and maintain skills.

Each person has a specially designed day program that can include volunteer work, building social and living skills, encouraging creativity and taking part in courses.

Volunteer work

You can take part in volunteer activities from external and internal sources. Volunteer support programmes aim to give you self-confidence and nurture relationships between people with and without a disability.


We run art, craft and woodwork workshops to encourage creativity. The art and craft produced includes design, cards, soaps and silk painting. Throughout the year you can take part in art exhibitions at a variety of venues, such as Bright Art Gallery and the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery.

Music and dance

We offer music and dance workshops. This can include using instruments, song writing and creative movement.


We run drama sessions to support creative expression through use of movement and voice. You are encouraged to take part in drama productions, set design, production management and script writing.

Social and living skills

You can also take part in activities such as shopping, swimming, horse and cart riding, cooking, cleaning, personal presentation, computer use, gardening, attending the gym, library and hairdresser, and other ongoing everyday activities.

Activities can be either individual or in a group at one or more of our hubs.

These services are funded under the following National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) categories:

Day services are provided by: