Meet Ryan Matto

Ryan Matto, 24, lives with his parents Vicki and David. When he was a baby, Ryan was diagnosed with having Fragile X, a genetic condition that causes intellectual disability and learning challenges.

Like Autism, people with Fragile X experience communication difficulties, social anxiety, and behavioural problems.

Crowds and loud noises affect Ryan and he requires a range of therapies.

How Kurrajong helps Ryan:

Ryan has been supported by Kurrajong twice in his life: from five months until he started school and again now as a 24-year-old.

“When you first find out, it’s a whole new world. That’s when you need the backup. At that time, Kurrajong were like a family,” says Vicki.

Ryan’s NDIS funding means he can once again access support from Kurrajong, including physiotherapy, speech therapy and OT through Therapy Plus, either in his own home or at the Wagga clinic.

“They’ve been playing little games and working on different cards to try and get him to interact and to help manage his behaviour. They even suggested noise cancelling headphones because crowds and noises set him off. They’re giving us different ideas.”

"They are great with him. He gets on well with the staff and they’re giving us different ideas in areas we hadn’t thought of before." - Vicki Matto