Meet Maleah Cottrell

Now a fun-loving three-year-old, Maleah Cottrell was born at just 34 weeks in foetal distress.

Due to her early arrival, she has medical issues including respiratory distress syndrome, mild cerebral palsy and childhood speech apraxia.

Transferred to Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Canberra, Maleah first came under the care of their development clinic but her Mum, Alicia, requested a referral to Kurrajong’s Therapy Plus for Maleah’s ongoing support.

“My Mum works here, and I knew that this centre is amazing. They were happy for Maleah to then get all her support from Kurrajong.” said Alicia Cottrell. "The people who work here are just like a second family. Maleah's relationship with them is amazing. She just loves it."

How Kurrajong helps Maleah:

From her first appointment at nine-months-old, Maleah has received physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Her cerebral palsy means she has issues with her legs and her ongoing physiotherapy has helped improve her walking.

Maleah also sees her speech therapist to assist with her speech apraxia, which affects the way she holds her tongue and creates feeding as well as speech issues.

Beyond her therapy, Kurrajong staff also support Maleah’s broader family.

“Sometimes when life has just been a little bit too hard for me, they have stepped up to support me. Without their support, it’s hard for me to give Maleah the best care. In a way, it’s their support for me that gives her the best care possible.”