Meet Kevin Ritzau

For most of his life, Kevin Ritzau has had an association with Kurrajong.

Since 1971, Kevin has received various supports and has held a number of positions across Kurrajong enterprises including trophy making, wool bagging and screen printing.

For the past 18 years, he has worked at Kurrajong Timber. A machine operator, Kevin directs staff, drives the forklift and wraps and straps packs of timber.

When not at work, you’ll find him socialising on the weekends or attending football games where he often runs the water and the tee for his beloved Kangaroos Rugby League Club.

“I like coming to work. It feels like home.”

How Kurrajong helps Kevin:

Kurrajong supports Kevin in his role, utilising his skills on the forklift and recently reducing his workload to three days a week to better fit in with his needs.

“Kevin never stops. He's always got to find something to do. He's always on time. He's dedicated. A true leader. Because of his senior role, the rest of the guys take heed of what he says and does, and they follow his actions.” says Jim Seymour, Manager of Kurrajong Timber.