Kurrajong announces fundraising and promotion changes

Kurrajong has announced changes to some of its regular Kurrajong Foundation fundraising and promotions activities.

For many years the organisation has focused its fundraising activities on promotions such as its Annual Art Union but with increasing competition from nationally run art unions and rising costs, Kurrajong’s Chief Executive Officer Steve Jaques said, “that whilst it was a difficult decision for the organisation to have to make, it will no longer conduct an art union”.

According to Mr Jaques there are increasing national organisations operating Art Unions as a competitive business and able to offer multi-million dollar prizes at a scale and market reach that Kurrajong does not have to be competitive and successful in the art union space.

The compliance costs and requirements in NSW for conducting Art Unions are some of the strictest in Australia resulting in Art Unions operating from interstate offices, something that Kurrajong could not undertake without setting up outside of NSW.

Mr Jaques said that “this was the first comprehensive review of Kurrajong’s promotions to set a clearer manageable and sustainable direction for the organisation’s future.  Kurrajong is very grateful to their Art Union supporters and volunteers.  Indeed, many businesses and members of the community have faithfully supported us over many years and we thank them most sincerely. We would particularly like to thank businesses such as the Thomas Bros Group and Myer who have supported our Art Union promotion for well over 30 years”.

“We look forward to continuing to work closely with both businesses as they are strong supporters of our services.  In addition we will be working closely with our other sponsors strengthening the Kurrajong Race Day and the other ongoing activities” he said.

In undertaking a review of its promotion activities Kurrajong has also made the decision that it is unable to sustain the resource commitments involved with co-ordinating the Wagga Christmas Spectacular, something which it has been involved with since PRIME relinquished its co-ordination of the event some years ago. Whilst PRIME have remained involved working with other local media to promote this free community event Kurrajong were increasingly undertaking the events co-ordination.

Looking to the future, Mr Jaques said that without doubt Kurrajong’s fundraising and donations will continue to be very important to develop our disability services and facilities to positively change the lives of people with a disability.

“Our promotions and fundraising direction has always been to raise funds locally, and invest locally for the benefit of local people with disability, and we will continue to explore other opportunities to achieve this goal”.