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Kurrajong welcomes new CEO

20 March 2019

Kurrajong has appointed Ray Carroll to the role of CEO following the retirement of long-serving CEO Steve Jaques.

Kurrajong Board Chairman Dr Max Graffen said the appointment was made after an exhaustive recruitment process, with Mr Carroll officially commencing in the role at the end of February.

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We're here to help! How to prepare for your scheduled NDIS plan review

1 March 2019

Each year the NDIA will review your NDIS plan and progress you have made towards your goals, after which you will receive a new plan. To get the best outcome from your planning meeting there’s quite a bit of pre-planning involved - Kurrajong is here to assist with all the preparation and requirements will help you with the process.

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Kurrajong announces fundraising and promotion changes

27 July 2018

Kurrajong has announced changes to some of its regular Kurrajong Foundation fundraising and promotions activities including the Kurrajong Annual Art Union and Wagga Wagga Christmas Spectacular.

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30th Annual Kurrajong Race Day - 26th May - Get Your Tickets

27 April 2018

Join us at the 30th Annual Kurrajong Race Day, Murrumbidgee Turf Club, Saturday 26th May

Get your tickets today from Hunters 1866, Kincaid St Cafe & Takeaway, Fitzpatricks Real Estate and Kurrajong.

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Kurrajong Art Union Results Announced

26 February 2018

The Kurrajong Art Union was drawn at Thomas Bros Group on Saturday 24th Februrary under the supervision of Senior Constable Grinter of Wagga Wagga Police.

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