Home mods and specialist accommodation

Home modifications and specialist disability accommodation (SDA) is in the capital category of NDIS supports.

Home modifications

Home modifications include design and construction, as well as installing equipment or changes to non-structural parts of a building and installing fixtures or fittings. They are to help people to live as independently as possible or to live safely at home.

All home modifications are quotable, so will usually appear on an NDIS plan with a value of $1.

Specialist disability accommodation (SDA)

SDA is accommodation for people who need specialist housing to help support their high needs.

SDA is for the homes that the services are delivered in, not the support services themselves.

SDA can include special designs or features for people with very high needs, or may be in a location more suitable to provide intensive supports.

We can help you in all areas of SDA including:

  • access to registered SDA houses or units
  • SDA person-specific adjustments
  • SDA support coordination.

We have approved SDA houses and units around the Riverina and Murray regions.

If you need a quote for home modifications or would like to be considered for residency in an SDA house or unit, please get in touch with Kurrajong First Contact.

Support services offered by Kurrajong under this NDIS category include:

These supports are coordinated by: