Hildasid Farm

Kurrajong's initiative for the community.

Hildasid Farm is a Kurrajong initiative for the entire community.

Our vision for this 268 acre tranquil property is to create a rustic, authentic place where people of all backgrounds, cultures, interests and abilities can come together to connect and immerse themselves in nature.

Hildasid Farm is situated close to Wagga, at 24 Gregadoo Rd, Lake Albert, making it the perfect place for the community to gather. Like our Australian landscape, it’s a place where horizons are broad and possibilities are endless.

Over the last three years, Hildasid Farm has developed significantly to include a facility where people with a disability can enhance their creative skills and connect with nature using walking and riding trails and our community green. Their amazing art works are popping up about the farm and no doubt Hildasid Farm will be the venue for their exhibitions in the future.

Our sensory garden, a wonderfully interactive space at Hildasid is nearing completion and will be an absolute indulgence for the senses once complete. This will be followed by a further expansion of our walking and riding trails, our people’s forest and importantly, farm animals and an inclusive children’s area.

Our community gardens will continue to be a major focus for our farm and our engagement with the community. With the expanse of land available, the opportunities in this area are vast. Many people look forward to a café at Hildasid Farm one day also.

Hildasid Farm will be a place for our whole community — watch this space.

If you are interested in volunteering or contributing to Hildasid, contact:

Cathie Smith - Community Engagement Manager


(02) 6932 6009 

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