About Kurrajong

We began 60 years ago with the aim of meeting the needs of people with disability so they can lead a life of their choice. 

Today, we are a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider and reach all communities across the Riverina Murray region, offering local access to creative and social programs, therapies, short and long-term accomodation, community access, employment readiness and supported employment. 

These services fall into three main categories:

  • Core support – help in your everyday life
  • Capital support – for equipment and modifications to your home
  • Capacity building support – to help you learn new skills.

Our vision

To create open, accessible and inclusive communities for all people. 

Our purpose

We are here to change lives. Nothing is inevitable for people with disability or their families – lots of opportunities become possible with choice and community support. We are here because these are our people and we care. These are our communities.

Our services are completely focused on the needs of the person with disability and their families. The heart and soul of our organisation is in the communities we serve. We don't just work in a community − we are part of it. We create connections and support in the community so our clients can live as they choose. We work to develop open, accessible and inclusive communities.

We engage communities in what we do so that together we can change lives. This is the essence of Kurrajong.

Our services are available in: